Project Director

Ted Wilson, Registrar

Project Manager

Tim Scofield, Museum Specialist

Project Team

Cheryl Ganz, Curator of Philately
Alexander Haimann, Philatelic Specialist
Lynn Heidelbaugh, Assistant Curator
Wilson Hulme, Curator of Philately
Mary H. Lawson, Museum Specialist
Bill Lommel, Museum Specialist
Allison Marsh, Assistant Curator
Lisa Metzer, Project Assistant
Nancy A. Pope, Historian
Elizabeth Schorr, Museum Specialist
Allison Wickens, Education Specialist


Mary T. Sheahan

Imaging Technician

Kate Diggle


George Meyer, TMS/Database Systems Manager
Michael Tuttle, Smithsonian Webmaster


Elizabeth van den Blink, Photographer

In Memory of:

Joseph Foley (1923-2006)
George Brett (1912 - 2005)

Creative Director

Brad Johnson

Executive Producer

Julie Beeler


Kemp Attwood


David Brewer
Thomas Wester
Zach Archer
David Knape

Quality Assurance

Jennifer Young
Shane Farrell

The National Postal Museum gratefully acknowledges the continued support and commitment of the United States Postal Service.