Arago: Trade Check Tokens

Trade Check Tokens

Owney’s tags include a number of tokens that were “good for” free items, or a few cents off of a product. These tokens were used much as coupons are today. A merchant could offer 5-cents off of a product as a lure to bring customers in for additional purchases.

Additional Records
  • Overview
  • 'Good for a 5c drink' Owney tag
  • Blanchester, Ohio Owney tag
  • Boston, Massachusetts Owney tag
  • Brunswick Token Owney tag
  • Champeny Brothers Store Owney tag
  • El Paso, Texas Owney tag
  • Express Saloon token, Cloverdale, California Owney tag
  • Frank Theis Owney tag
  • Good for 5 cent Owney tag
  • Good for 5 cents Owney tag
  • H. J. Thyes Owney tag

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