Arago: Personal Identification Tokens

Personal Identification Tokens

Many of Owney’s admirers gave him personal identification tags. Tags such as these were often attached to a set of keys, luggage, or other item that might be lost. Finders used the information on the tags to mail lost items back to their owners.

Additional Records
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  • Bald Knob, Arkansas Owney tag
  • Baltimore, Maryland Owney tag
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  • Binghamton, New York Owney tag
  • Binghamton, New York Owney tag
  • Boston Owney tag
  • Brooklyn, New York Owney tag
  • Bunkerhill Car House Owney tag
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa Owney tag
  • Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Owney tag
  • Chillicothe, Ohio Owney tag

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