Arago: Hotel Room Key Tokens

Hotel Room Key Tokens

Railway mail clerks worked long hours, often away from home for days. During long runs, clerks (and other train workers) stayed in a variety of places, railway dormitories, private homes, and hotels. The many hotel room number tags in the collection show the deep connection between Owney and his mail clerk friends.

Additional Records
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  • Aetna House hotel Owney tag
  • Arlington House Hotel Owney tag
  • Butler Hotel Owney tag
  • Coat Room Owney tag
  • Columbia House Owney tag
  • Fordham Hotel Owney tag
  • Fraser Canyon House Owney tag
  • Gifford House Owney tag
  • Guichon Hotel Owney tag
  • Holly Springs Hotel Owney tag
  • Hotel Adams Owney tag

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