Arago: Fraternal Organization Tokens

Fraternal Organization Tokens

Dozens of individuals gave Owney tokens of their esteem. Among these many identification tags were a number celebrating a donor’s fraternal organization. From the Masons to Knights of Pythias, to a comical “Knights of the Grip” organization of Railway mail clerks, these tags offered individuals a chance to show their connection to Owney as well as a larger organization.

Additional Records
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  • E. Willmunder Owney tag
  • Edward P. Thorn Owney tag
  • Herber W. Hull Owney tag
  • Howard Young Owney tag
  • International Order of King's Daughters and Sons Owney tag
  • J.F.C. Owney tag
  • James W. Hazen Owney tag
  • Knights Hospitaller Owney tag
  • Knights of Pythias Owney tag
  • Knights of the Grip Owney tag
  • Lee Arnett Owney tag

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