Arago: Dog License Tokens

Dog License Tokens

Some locations honored Owney with a dog license, either because it was the nearest available tag, or because the donor was worried Owney might be arrested if he wasn’t appropriately licensed. At least one story told of Owney being held in a town until his RPO and Albany clerk friends purchased a local dog license for him.


Additional Records
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  • Bozeman, Montana Owney tag
  • Brooklyn, New York Owney tag
  • Brooklyn, New York Owney Tag
  • Camp Douglas, Wisconsin Owney tag
  • Council Bluffs,Iowa Owney tag
  • Davenport, Iowa Owney tag
  • District of Columbia Owney tag
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan Owney tag
  • Kansas City, Missouri Owney tag
  • Maysville, Kentucky Owney tag
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin Owney tag

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