Arago: Baggage Tokens and Tags

Baggage Tokens and Tags

Owney’s home was any mail train car he wished to ride at the time. Many of his tags bear the names of 19th century American railroads. Tags such as these were used by travelers who wished to check or store their baggage while traveling.

Additional Records
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  • Alfred V. Friedrich luggage Owney tag
  • Atlanta, Georgia Owney tag
  • Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Owney tag
  • B. & P.T. Co. Owney tag
  • Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Owney tag
  • Boston & Portland P.S. Packet Company Owney tag
  • Brooklyn, Bath and West End Railroad Owney tag
  • Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Owney tag
  • Camden and Amboy Railroad Owney tag
  • Canadian Pacific Railroad Owney tag
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Owney tag

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