Arago: 20th Anniversary of the Simpsons Television Show

20th Anniversary of the Simpsons Television Show

On May 7, 2009, in Los Angeles, California, the US Postal Service issued the 44-cent The Simpsons stamps in five designs in a pressure-sensitive adhesive convertible booklet of twenty stamps. Matt Groening, a native of Portland, Oregon, designed the stamps.

These stamps recognize "The Simpsons," the longest running comedy in the history of American prime-time television. Art Director, Derry Noyes, Washington, DC, was pleased to use original artwork by Matt Groening. Groening, a cartoonist, created the Simpson characters and named them after his own family: Parents Marge and Homer, sisters Lisa and Maggie (the baby who conveys emotion by sucking on her pacifier), and Matt's alter ego, Bart.

A total of 1 billion stamps were printed in the offset process by Banknote Corporation of America Inc./SSP, Browns Summit, North Carolina.


Postal Bulletin, April 9, 2009.

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