Arago: 28-cent Polar Bear

28-cent Polar Bear

On April 16, 2009, in New York, New York, the US Postal Service issued the 28-cent Polar Bear definitive stamp in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive pane of twenty stamps. Carl T. Herrman, Carlsbad, California, designed the stamp.

This stamp features an image of a polar bear by illustrator Nancy Stahl, who has created several designs for the USPS, including the Florida Panther in 2007 and the Dragonfly in 2008. This stamp shows the bear's head, chest, and front paws, and in the background appears a dark blue sky dotted with stars. Stahl used a collection of photographs to create this highly stylized illustration. The Polar Bear stamp was made available in a pressure sensitive adhesive pane of twenty and coil of one hundred.

Banknote Corporation of America/SSP, Browns Summit, North Carolina, printed 350 million stamps in the offset process with microprint "USPS."


Postal Bulletin, March 12, 2009.