Arago: 1992-2005 Definitives

1992-2005 Definitives

The international voyages of John Paul II, a popular subject of the definitive stamps in the first half of his pontificate, were replaced in the second half by series featuring art and architecture. A change in currency from the lira to the euro occasioned the release in 2002 of the Vatican's first euro-denominated definitives, showing ten different images of Mary from paintings in St. Peter's Basilica. The euro was again featured in a 2004 definitive series, depicting the national flags and one-euro coins of all fifteen countries that had adopted the currency to that point.

Additional Records
  • Overview
  • 200 lire St. Peter's Basilica single
  • 300 lire St. John Lateran Basilica single
  • 350 lire St. Mary Major's Basilica single
  • 500 lire St. Paul's Basilica single
  • 600 lire Apostolic Palace single
  • 700 lire Lateran Apostolic Palace single
  • 850 lire Papal Palace, Catel Gandolfo single
  • 1000 lire Chancery Palace single
  • 2000 lire Palace of the Propagation of Faith single
  • 3000 lire St. Calixtus Palace single
  • 50 lire Touring Carriage single

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