Arago: Definitives


The last of Vatican City's 'classic' definitive series, issued in 1966, featured bas-reliefs by Rudelli from the pope's bronze chair in the Apostolic Palace's private chapel. (The classic definitive series are those that include a special delivery stamp plus the wartime "Small Medallions" and the 1930s surcharges.) The only other definitives of Paul VI's pontificate, a 1974 series marking the 1975 Holy Year, blurred the lines between definitive and commemorative stamps by mixing the larger size and pictorial nature of commemoratives with a higher print run and range of face values that is more typical of definitives. That trend continues to this day.

Additional Records
  • Overview
  • 5 lire Pope Paul VI single
  • 10 lire Organist single
  • 15 lire Cartographer single
  • 20 lire Painter single
  • 30 lire Sculptor single
  • 40 lire Bricklayer single
  • 55 lire Printer single
  • 75 lire Plowing Farmer single
  • 90 lire Blacksmith single
  • 130 lire Scholar single
  • 10 lire Christus Vitor, Sts. Peter and Paul single

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