Arago: 1978-1991 Commemoratives

1978-1991 Commemoratives

Art was always a popular subject for the Vatican's commemorative stamps, probably because the Vatican possesses the finest collections in the world. During John Paul II's reign, however, pre-Christian art came to the fore with issues depicting Greek, Etruscan, and Roman vases and busts (1983), Roman mosaics (1987), and treasures of the Gregorian Egyptian Museum (1989). Similar subjects appeared for the 2000th birth anniversary of the Roman poet Virgil and Raphael's painting The School Of Athens, which depicts great ancient philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.

The church's contributions to and uses of science were also explored philatelically for the first time. In this vein are issues celebrating the equipment and astronomers of the Vatican's famous observatory (1979 and 1991); shortwave radio (1981); Pope Gregory the Great's use of mathematics and astronomy to reform the calendar (1982); and Fr. Gregor Mendel, the Augustinian priest known as the father of genetic theory (1984).

Additional Records
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  • 70 lire Pope John Paul I Sitting on His Throne single
  • 120 lire Pope John Paul I single
  • 250 lire Pope John Paul I Walking in Vatican Garden single
  • 350 lire Pope John Paul I Giving Blessing single
  • 170 lire Arms of Pope John Paul II single
  • 250 lire Pope John Paul II Raising Hand in Blessing single
  • 400 lire Jesus Giving Keys to St. Peter single
  • 120 lire Martyrdom of St. Stanislas single
  • 150 lire St. Stanislas Appearing to the People single
  • 250 lire Gold Reliquary with Head of St. Stanislas single
  • 500 lire View of Cracow Cathedral single

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