Arago: Greta Garbo Issue

Greta Garbo Issue

The Postal Service issued a 37-cent Greta Garbo commemorative stamp on September 23, 2005, in New York, New York, and Stockholm, Sweden. Carl T. Herrman, of Carlsbad, California, designed the stamp.

The US Postal Service joined Sweden Post in this stamp issuance commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary film actress Greta Garbo (1905-1990), who was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Greta Garbo became one of the greatest stars of the silver screen. Transitioning from silent films to the sound movies of Hollywood, Garbo captivated audiences with her seductive voice, which enhanced the acting style and beauty that made her a legend.

Sweden Post called on engraver Piotr Naszarkowski to incise a likeness of Greta Garbo from a black-and-white image made by portrait photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull during the filming of "As You Desire Me" (1932).

The Banknote Corporation of America, Inc., and Sennett Security Products engraved 40 million stamps through the Intaglio process.


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