Arago: United States Air Force Academy 50th Anniversary Issue

United States Air Force Academy 50th Anniversary Issue

The 37-cent United States Air Force Academy commemorative stamp was issued on April 1, 2004, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Phil Jordan of Falls Church, Virginia, designed the stamp.

This stamp marked the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the United States Air Force Academy, whose mission is "to inspire and develop outstanding young men and women to become Air Force officers with knowledge, character, and discipline; motivated to lead the world's greatest aerospace force in service to this nation."

The stamp's focal point is the Cadet Chapel, the most visually compelling structure on the grounds of the academy. From its base to the tips of its seventeen silvery spires, this soaring, wedge-shaped edifice reaches 150 feet toward the sky. It is, in the words of the academy's Web site, "the crowning architectural feature of the Air Force Academy campus." Running across the stamp's blue background are horizontal white lines representing the contrails of high-flying Air Force jets.

Sennett Security Products printed 60 million stamps in the gravure with scrambled Indicia process.


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