Arago: Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Issue

Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Issue

The Postal Service issued a 37-cent Louisiana Purchase commemorative stamp in a pressure-sensitive adhesive pane of twenty on April 30, 2003, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The stamp, designed by Richard Sheaff, Scottsdale, Arizona, and illustrated by Garin Baker, New Windsor, New York, went on sale nationwide May 1, 2003.

This stamp commemorates the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. Often referred to as the greatest real estate deal in history, the 1803 Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States. "With a stroke of a pen," our country became one of the largest in the world and the heartland of the continent was opened to American exploration and settlement.

Sennett Security Products, located at the American Packaging Corporation in Columbus, Wisconsin, printed the stamp in gravure process. 54 million stamps were printed.


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