Arago: 2002 Love Issue

2002 Love Issue

The Postal Service issued 37-cent and 60-cent Love special stamps, on August 16, 2002, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Michael Osborne of San Francisco, California designed the stamps.

The stamps feature a colorful, abstract design in multiple colors. The first Love stamp was issued by the Postal Service in 1973. Since that time, Love stamps have featured a wide range of subjects including flowers, animals, cherubs, and love letters, as well as abstract designs.

The 37-cent Love stamp was produced as a $7.40 pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) convertible booklet of twenty (1.5 billion stamps printed by the Banknote Corporation of America, Inc., in the offset process), and the 60-cent (two-ounce rate) Love stamp was produced as a PSA pane of twenty (150 million stamps printed by Avery Dennison in the gravure process).


Postal Bulletin (July 11, 2002).

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