Arago: 29-cent Statue of Liberty

29-cent Statue of Liberty

The Postal Service issued a 32-cent Statue of Liberty stamp on June 24, 1994, in Haines City, Florida. This issuance was held in conjunction with AMERICOVER '94. The stamp was reissued on February 1, 1997, in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the SANDICAL Stamp Show.

Designed by Tom Engeman of Carbondale, Colorado, the stamps have the same design but with a denomination change from 29- to 32-cents and a 1997 date for the second issuance. The stamp was originally printed by Dittler Brothers and later printed by Avery Dennison on the gravure press. The 1997 stamps were issued in new formats of two self-adhesive vendible booklets of fifteen and thirty and a self-adhesive convertible booklet of twenty.


Postal Bulletin (June 9, 1994/January 2, 1997).

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