Arago: 1995 World War II Issue

1995 World War II Issue

The Postal Service commemorated the 50th anniversary of World War II with the issuance of a miniature sheet of 32-cent stamps on September 2, 1995, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This issuance concluded the 5-year World War II series. The stamps, designed by Bill Bond of Arlington, Virginia, highlight the following 1945 events and subjects: Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima; Fierce fighting frees Manila; Okinawa, the last big battle; US and Soviets link up at the Elbe River; Allies liberate Holocaust survivors; Germany surrenders at Reims; World War II has uprooted millions; Truman announces Japan's surrender; News of victory hits home; and Hometowns honor their returning veterans.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing manufactured the stamps in the offset/intaglio process.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (August 3, 1995)

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  • 32c Fierce Fighting Frees Manila single
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  • 32c Germany Surrenders at Reims single
  • 32c Refugees single
  • 32c Truman Announces Japan's Surrender single
  • 32c Sailor Kissing Nurse single
  • 32c Hometowns Honor Their Returning Veterans single

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