Arago: American Folk Art Series: Carousel Horses Issue

American Folk Art Series: Carousel Horses Issue

As part of the Folk Art Series, the Postal Service issued four new designs, featuring four carousel horses. The 32-cent stamps were issued July 21, 1995 in Lahaska, Pennsylvania. The stamps were designed by Paul Calle of Stamford, Connecticut.

The figures chosen represent the three styles of American carousel carvings that developed from 1870 to 1930. Representing the flamboyant "Coney Island Style" is a magnificent "King Horse," decorated with tassels and a festoon of large cabbage roses. Representing the realistic "Philadelphia Style" is an exciting lifelike "Indian Pony," decorated with feathers, beads, and "tooled leather" straps. Representing the "Country Fair Style" is a "Lillie Belle" jumper, circa 1917, with a dramatic high-flying mane. The final horse selected is an intricately designed armored jumper, circa 1912, also carved in the "Coney Island Style." This medieval horse is draped with fish-scale armor, a fancy gorget, and layers of chain mail.

The stamps went on sale nationwide July 22. Ashton-Potter (USA) Ltd. produced the stamps in the offset process.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (June 22, 1995)

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