Arago: Aquarium Fish Issue

Aquarium Fish Issue

Four 33-cent Aquarium Fish commemorative stamps were issued on June 24, 1999, in Anaheim, California. The stamps were designed by Richard Sheaff of Scottsdale, Arizona, and illustrated by Teresa Fasoline of New York, New York.

Freshwater- and marine aquarium-keeping have rapidly become popular American hobbies. With recent advances, marine tanks, as depicted on these stamps, have emerged as an attractive and increasingly manageable option for fish enthusiasts on all levels. These four stamps depict a reef tank with delicate corals, sponges, life-encrusted rock, compatible fish, and other specimens that populate reefs in different parts of the world.

The Aquarium Fish stamps represent several unique characteristics for stamp production. They are the first US stamps printed with a 650-line screen. Typically, US stamps were printed with a 300-line screen. These stamps were produced using a totally benign adhesive, which means the adhesive is completely recyclable. Further, these stamps are produced on paper stock containing 20 percent post-consumer waste. The Tropical Flowers booklet and Niagara Falls stamp pane were produced in the same way.

141.175 million stamps were produced by the Banknote Corporation of America, Inc., in the offset process.


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