Arago: 1930s Celebrate The Century Issues

1930s Celebrate The Century Issues

The Postal Service issued the Celebrate The Century: 1930s souvenir sheet on September 10, 1998, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The souvenir sheet features 1930s subjects from the following categories: People and Events, Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyles, Sports, and Science and Technology. The fifteen commemorative stamps in this sheet are titled: President Franklin D. Roosevelt; Empire State Building; Life Magazine; First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt; FDR's New Deal; Superman Arrives 1938; Household Conveniences; Walt Disney's Snow White Debuts; Gone With the Wind; Jesse Owens, Six World Records; Streamline Design; Golden Gate Bridge; America Survives the Depression; Bobby Jones Wins Grand Slam 1930; The Monopoly Game.

Designed by Howard Paine of Delaplane, Virginia, and illustrated by Paul Calle of Stamford, Connecticut, the stamps were printed by Ashton-Potter (USA) in the offset/intaglio process.


Postal Bulletin (August 13, 1998).

Additional Records
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  • 32c 1930s Celebrate the Century pane of fifteen
  • 32c Franklin D. Foosevelt single
  • 32c Empire State Building single
  • 32c Life Magazine single
  • 32c Eleanor Roosevelt single
  • 32c FDR's New Deal single
  • 32c Superman Arrives single
  • 32c Household Convienences single
  • 32c Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs single
  • 32c Gone With the Wind single
  • 32c Jesse Owens single

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