Arago: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Issue

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Issue

On September 28, 1992, explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was honored with a 29-cent commemorative stamp issued in San Diego, California. It had been 450 years since he landed at San Diego harbor.

On September 28, 1542, Cabrillo stepped ashore at a harbor he named San Miguel, the site of modern-day San Diego. If he was Portuguese, as many believe, his name would be spelled 'Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho.' His landing on the west coast marked the culmination of a journey that began on June 27, 1542, when he set sail from the Mexican port of Navidad with two ships and a small crew. After discovering San Diego, he continued his expedition, ultimately exploring most of the California coast. In his quest, he was injured and, according to a ship's log, died on January 3, 1543.

Designed by Ren Wicks, the stamps were issued in panes of fifty and printed in the offset/intaglio process by Stamp Venturers, Inc.


Postal Bulletin (August 20, 1992).

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