Arago: Moss Hart Issue

Moss Hart Issue

The Postal Service issued a 37-cent Moss Hart commemorative stamp in one design in a pressure- sensitive adhesive pane of twenty stamps on October 25, 2004, in New York, New York. Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland, designed the stamp. Avery Dennison printed 45 million stamps in the gravure process.

The stamp honors award-winning dramatist and director Moss Hart (1904-1961) on the 100th anniversary of his birth. A gifted playwright, Hart wrote a series of sparkling comedies in the 1930s with George S. Kaufman. A brilliant director, he staged one of the most dazzling musicals of his era, "My Fair Lady." A witty and charming personality who embodied the glamour of Broadway, Hart penned what many consider the best theatrical memoir ever written, "Act One."

The stamp art shows a painting by Tim O'Brien based on a photograph made by Alfred Eisenstaedt showing Hart in Times Square.


Postal Bulletin (September 30, 2004).

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