Arago: 1920s Celebrate The Century Issues

1920s Celebrate The Century Issues

The Postal Service issued the Celebrate The Century:1920s souvenir sheet on May 28, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois.

The souvenir sheet features subjects from the following categories during the 1920s: People and Events, Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, and Science and Technology. The fifteen commemorative stamps in this sheet are titled Babe Ruth, The Gatsby Style, Prohibition Enforced, Electric Toy Trains, 19th Amendment, Emily Post's Etiquette, Margaret Mead, anthropologist, Flappers Do The Charleston, Radio Entertains America, Art Deco Style, Jazz Flourishes, Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, Lindbergh Flies Atlantic, American Realism, and Stock Market Crash 1929.

Designed by Carl Herrman of Laguna Niguel, California, and illustrated by Davis Meltzer of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, the stamps were issued and printed by Ashton-Potter USA in the offset/intaglio process.


Postal Bulletin (April 23, 1998).

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  • 32c 1920s Celebrate the Century pane of fifteen
  • 32c Babe Ruth single
  • 32c The Gatsby Style single
  • 32c Prohibition single
  • 32c Electric Toy Trains single
  • 32c 19th Amendment single
  • 32c Emily Post's Etiquette single
  • 32c Margaret Mead single
  • 32c Flappers single
  • 32c Radio single
  • 32c Chrysler Building single

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