Arago: Z. Grill

Z. Grill

After the experimental grills A. and C. were produced the first grill to be put into regular production was the Z. Grill. The first denominations to have the Z. Grill were the 2-cent Jackson, 3-cent Washington and 12-cent Washington stamps. Around the same time the stamps with the D. and E. grills went into production. In mid February of 1868, three other denominations were printed with the Z. Grill, they are the 1-cent Franklin, 10-cent Washington and 15-cent Lincoln stamps. These three denominations were only in production a short time before the new F. Grill was put into full production. As a result, these three denominations with the Z. Grill are far more rare than their three brother denominations printed earlier with the Z. Grill. The 1-cent Franklin today is the rarest with only two known, one being in the Benjamin K. Miller Collection. The Z. grill is 13 to 14 points in width by 18 points in height. An estimated 1,000 1-cent stamps, 500,000 2-cent stamps, 100,000 3-cent stamps, 2,000 10-cent stamps, 100,000 12-cent stamps and probably a similar number of 15-cent stamps as the 1-cent stamp, 1,000, were produced by the National Bank Note Company.


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