Arago: Falkland Islands Dependencies

Falkland Islands Dependencies

The Falkland Islands, which had been British colonies since 1833, issued their first postage stamps in 1878. The stamps featured a profile of Queen Victoria. In 1929 the Falklands departed from the 'colonial norm' of featuring solely a royal portrait by issuing a definitive series featuring a profile of King George V over a tiny vignette of a fin whale and gentoo penguin.

In 1933 a bi-colored commemorative series celebrating the centenary of the British colony was issued. These engraved stamps were a most attractive series, featuring designs ranging from highlights of the islands to wildlife and the reigning monarch. Although the war with Argentina was commemorated in a series issued in 1983, the stamps of the Falklands are today dominated by local wildlife, scenes of the islands, and visiting ships.

Stamps were also issued for the dependencies of the Falkland Islands. Stamps were overprinted for South Georgia, South Orkneys, South Shetland, and Graham Island in 1944. A general series followed in 1946. Eventually, these dependencies became separate colonies of British Antarctic Territory, and in 1985 South Georgia and the South Sandwich islands became a separate colony.


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