Arago: 5-cent Winged Globe Design 46.5x19mm

5-cent Winged Globe Design 46.5x19mm

On February 10, 1930, the Post Office Department issued a violet 5-cent airmail stamp to replace the bi-colored stamp issue of 1928. Further, the stamp was printed in a single color to help cut production costs. Five cents paid the one ounce domestic airmail letter rate.

The central design, a globe with extended wings, replicated the insignia of the pilots who had carried the mail. This tribute to airmail pilots is also found in the designs of C16, C17, C19, and C24.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing printed the stamp on a flat plate press. The first eight plates had two plate numbers for each pane, but within a short time the side plate numbers were eliminated for economic reasons, leaving only plate numbers at the top and bottom. The first day of issue was Washington, D.C., for this perf 11 issue.

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