Arago: 1959-1971 3-dollar Permits

1959-1971 3-dollar Permits

Between 1959 and 1971, thirteen multicolored 3-dollar stamps were issued. Along with this change in presentation, the multicolored Duck Stamps were printed with the new Giori rotary press. The multicolor format changed Duck Stamp artwork. The first stamp of the period, the 1959 "Retrievers Save Game" single (artwork by Maynard Reece), featured the national champion retriever King Buck holding a dead mallard. The stamp stirred considerable controversy because many people did not like seeing a dead duck. Contest guidelines then changed, ruling that only images of live waterfowl would be acceptable. Legendary Duck Stamp artist Maynard Reece, whose work had been featured on the 1948, 1951, 1959, 1969 issues, enjoyed his fifth win in 1971 with his painting of Cinnamon Teal ducks. The public purchased 22,928,246 during the period of the 3-dollar Federal Duck Stamps, generating $68,784,738 for migratory bird refuges.


Additional Records
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  • $3 Lab Retriever Carrying Mallard Drake revenue stamp remarque single
  • $3 multicolor Labrador Retriever Carrying Mallard Drake single
  • $3 multicolor Redhead Ducks plate number single
  • $3 Mallard Hen and Ducklings single
  • $3 Pintail Drakes Coming in for Landing single
  • $3 Pair of Brant Landing single
  • $3 multicolor Hawaiian Nene Geese single
  • $3 multicolor Three Canvasback Drakes single
  • $3 multicolor Whistling Swans single
  • $3 multicolor Old Squaw Ducks single
  • $3 multicolor Hooded Mergansers single

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