Arago: James Hoban Issue

James Hoban Issue

Two stamps honoring James Hoban, architect of the White House, were issued October 13, 1981, in Washington, DC. A dedication ceremony for the Hoban issue was held at the White House on September 29.

The designs of the two Hoban stamps are identical, except for the denominations: one is an 18-cent stamp and the other a 20-cent stamp. The 20-cent stamp was the first commemorative issued at the new first-class rate that was effective November 1, 1981. The 18-cent version was available at Philatelic Centers and by mail order from the Philatelic Sales Division in Washington, DC.

The stamps were designed by Ron Mercer of the Irish Postal Administration (portrait of Hoban) and Walter D. Richards of New Canaan, Connecticut (view of While House). The modeler was Frank J. Waslick.

The stamps were printed in the photogravure process, with fifty stamps per pane.


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