Arago: Preservation of Wildlife Habitats Issue

Preservation of Wildlife Habitats Issue

A block of four 18-cent commemorative stamps featuring wildlife habitats was issued June 26, 1981, in Reno, Nevada, during the sixth annual convention of the Nevada Stamp Study Society. The stamps were designed by Chuck Ripper of Huntington, West Virginia, and modeled by Peter Cocci.

The Wildlife Habitats stamps emphasize the importance of the preservation of the natural environment of our native wildlife. Each stamp depicts a different animal in its natural surroundings and focuses on a message to save each particular type of habitat — grassland, wetland, mountain, and woodland. The animals featured in the design are a great blue heron resting on a tree branch extending from the water, a badger surveying the open grasslands before leaving its underground dwelling, a grizzly bear approaching an evergreen forest with snow-covered mountains in the background, and a ruffed grouse perching atop a log in the forest.

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