Arago: Professional Management Education Centenary Issue

Professional Management Education Centenary Issue

To mark the centennial of the beginning of professional management education in the United States, an 18-cent commemorative stamp was issued June 18, 1981, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The stamp was designed by Rudolph de Harak of New York City and modeled by Clarence Holbert.

Postmaster General William F. Bolger unveiled the stamp during the 1980 Postal Forum XIV. Mr. Bolger noted that the 1981 issuance date coincided with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Wharton School of Business, "where the principles of business education were founded for the entire nation."

The stamp also honors Joseph Wharton, who founded the Wharton School in 1881. Mr. Wharton, an American manufacturer and industrialist, anticipated the need for formal business education twenty years before the idea was implemented by any other institution.

The stamp was printed in photogravure process and issued in panes of fifty stamps.


Postal Bulletin, (February 14, 1981).

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