Arago: World War I Veterans Issue

World War I Veterans Issue

The 22-Cent commemorative stamp honoring America's World War I veterans was issued August 26, 1985, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The First Day of Issue ceremonies were held at the Marc Plaza Hotel during the annual Veterans of World War I convention.

World War I began in 1914 with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. Approximately 90 percent of the world's population was involved with the conflict in one way or another before peace came in 1918.

The United States entered the fighting on April 6, 1917. Of the 4.7 million Americans who served in World War I, more than 360,000 were killed or wounded. Approximately 248,000 American veterans of the war still lived in 1985.

The stamp design was based on Harvey Dunn's drawing entitled "The Battle of the Marne." It depicted US soldiers advancing across a battlefield. The area adjacent to the Marne River in northeast France was the stage for several of the war's most bitterly contested battles.

Designer, art director, and typographer for the stamp was Richard Sheaff of Needham Heights, Massachusetts. Engraver was Czeslaw Slania, court engraver, Sweden. There were no modeling credits. The stamps were issued in panes of fifty.


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