Arago: 22-cent Flag Over Capitol ("Of, By, For")

22-cent Flag Over Capitol ("Of, By, For")

The 22-cent vending machine booklet stamp featuring an image of the American flag flying over the United States Capitol was issued March 29, 1985, in Waubeka, Wisconsin. The dedication ceremony was held in Firemen's Hall there. Sheet and coil versions were issued the same day in Washington, DC.

Flag Day was first observed in 1885 in Waubeka when teacher Bernard Cigrand and his students placed a 10-inch flag in a bottle on his desk, calling the celebration "Flag Birth Day."

The booklet stamp was the width of two ordinary booklet stamps and was featured in the first US booklet pane to offer a single row of five stamps. These booklets were sold at authorized philatelic centers, through Postal Service-owned vending machines, and to private vendors in box lots. Two versions were produced. One had a single pane of five stamps ($1.10), and the other had two panes of five ($2.20).

The horizontally oriented booklet stamp featured a view of the Capitol from about dome height, with the city of Washington and the Washington Monument in the background. A large US flag flying from a flagpole was featured in the foreground, with Abraham Lincoln's phrase "Of the People, By the People, For the People" in three lines of black type to the right and "USA 22" in two lines of black type to the left.

The stamp was designed by Frank Waslick of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; typographer was Bradbury Thompson; art director was Leonard Buckley; modeler was Frank Waslick; engravers were Thomas Hipschen (vignette) and Dennis Brown (lettering and numerals). The intaglio process was used.


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