Arago: 1984 Christmas Issues

1984 Christmas Issues

Two 1984 special Christmas stamps were issued October 30, 1984, in separate locations. Both stamps were printed in the standard commemorative size.

The traditional Christmas stamp was issued in Washington, DC, and featured a Madonna and Child painted by Fra Filippo Lippi, a fifteenth-century Italian artist. The original painting hangs in the National Gallery of Art, where the First Day Ceremony took place.

The contemporary Christmas stamp was issued in Jamaica, New York, home of Danny LaBoccetta, one of the winners in the first nationwide student stamp design project sponsored by the US Postal Service in 1982. LaBoccetta was eight years old and a third-grade student when he executed his design featuring a cheerful Santa Claus with a sack of toys.

The designer, typographer, and art director for both stamps was Bradbury Thompson of Riverside, Connecticut. The modeler for the traditional stamp was Ronald C. Sharpe and the modeler for contemporary stamp was Frank J. Waslick. The stamps were issued in panes of fifty and printed using the gravure process.


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