Arago: Crime Prevention Issue

Crime Prevention Issue

The 20-cent commemorative stamp focusing attention on crime prevention was issued September 26, 1984, in Washington, DC. The First Day Ceremony was held at the Leonard Carmichael Auditorium in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

The stamp design featured one of America's most popular crime fighters, McGruff, the Crime Dog. Permission to use the image of McGruff in the design was granted by The Advertising Council, Inc., which held the copyright.

McGruff was developed by the Crime Prevention Coalition to help teach people how to protect themselves and ensure safer communities. His theme, Take a Bite Out of Crime, was designed to encourage involvement in citizen crime prevention activities throughout the country.

The stamp was designed by Randall McDougall of the US Postal Service, who was also the typographer. Art director was Jack Williams, and modeler was Richard Sennett. The gravure process was used. The stamps were issued in panes of fifty.


Postal Bulletin (August 23, 1984).

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