Arago: 25-cent Executive Branch

25-cent Executive Branch

A commemorative stamp honoring the bicentennial of the executive branch was issued on April 16, 1989, at Mount Vernon, Virginia. The dedication ceremony took place at Washington's home in conjunction with a reenactment of his departure for New York City for his inauguration exactly two hundred years before. The Postal Service offered pictorial postmarks at eighteen locations along the route Washington followed.

The format of Howard Koslow's stamp design is similar to his work on the US House and US Senate stamps. The central vignette features a head-and-shoulders detail from a bronze statue of Washington that stands on the site of the first inauguration at Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City.

Washington was notified that he had been unanimously elected president just two days before he left Mount Vernon for New York. He believed that the reactions of people along the way would foreshadow the success or failure of his presidency. He had no need to worry. Inhabitants of every town along his journey north rushed out to cheer, and at every crossroad, Washington stopped to exchange greetings. By the time he reached Philadelphia, 20,000 citizens "lined every fence, field, and avenue," wishing him good luck.

The stamps were produced by the offset/intaglio process by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and were issued in panes of fifty.


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