Arago: 25-cent Senate

25-cent Senate

The 25-cent US Senate commemorative stamp was issued on April 6, 1989, in Washington, DC, in conjunction with events commemorating the bicentennial of the first quorum achieved by the US Senate. A dedication ceremony was in the old Senate chamber in the Capitol.

The design features the carved gilt eagle and shield located above the vice president's chair in the old Senate chamber. Although little is known about the origin of the eagle and shield, architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe included it in his plans for the chamber.

The US Senate commemorative stamp and the US House of Representatives stamp, issued April 4, both employed similar design features. Sculptures associated with each legislative branch appear in beige, set against a blue-black background. The name of the institution appears in red lettering against a stripe of beige just above the vignette. Two stripes of red frame each stamp at top and bottom, with the word 'Bicentennial' appearing in white letters in the top red stripe.

Designed by Howard Koslow, the stamps were printed in the offset/intaglio process by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, in panes of fifty.


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