Arago: Civil Service Issue

Civil Service Issue

A 20-cent commemorative stamp recognizing a century of federal civil service was issued September 9, 1983, in Washington, DC. The First Day of Issue ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The stamp was designed by Kathleen Wilmes of Herring MDB Communications, Inc., Rockville, Maryland, and modeled by Esther Porter.

The US Civil Service Commission was established in 1883 as the federal government's personnel agency, with responsibility for the management of the federal service. With passage of the US Civil Service Reform Act in 1978, the agency became known as the 'US Office of Personnel Management.' OPM provides examinations for job applicants, establishes job classifications, and is responsible for such personnel activities as status and tenure, equal employment opportunity, and health and insurance programs.

The stamp was printed in the gravure/intaglio process and issued in panes of fifty.


Postal Bulletin (August 4, 1983).

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