Arago: U.S.-Germany Issue

U.S.-Germany Issue

A 20-cent commemorative stamp marking the 300th anniversary year of the arrival of the first German immigrants in the United States was issued April 29, 1983, in Germantown, Pennsylvania. The Federal Republic of Germany also issued a stamp at the ceremony to recognize the anniversary. The US and German stamps were designed by Richard Schlecht of Arlington, Virginia, who is an American of German descent, and modeled by Esther Porter.

The designs feature the ship Concord, which brought thirteen families from Krefeld to the New World in search of religious freedom. The families, led by Franz Daniel Pastorius, had responded to an invitation from William Penn to settle in Pennsylvania. On October 6, 1683, they founded Germantown, the first German settlement in America. Germantown today is part of the city of Philadelphia. Since no picture of the Concord exists, Schlecht based his design on written descriptions. The designs of both stamps are nearly identical, with the national identifications, denominations and placement of lettering being the primary differences.

The stamp was printed in the intaglio process, with fifty stamps per pane.


Postal Bulletin (March 31, 1983).

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