Arago: 20-cent Rocky Mountain Bighorn

20-cent Rocky Mountain Bighorn

An over-the-counter stamp booklet featuring the Bighorned Sheep was issued January 8, 1982, at Bighorn, Montana. The booklet included two panes of ten stamps bearing the first-class postage rate of twenty cents.

The design of the stamp was based on a photograph taken by Mr. Jim Brandenberg, of Edina, Minnesota, who was a contract photographer for "National Geographic." The same design was included in the Wildlife booklet issued early that year featuring ten wild animals.

Jim Brandenberg designed the stamp. It was printed in the intaglio process. Modeler was Esther Porter; engravers were Gary M. Chaconas (vignette) and Robert G. Culin, Sr. (lettering & numerals).


Postal Bulletin (November 26, 1981).


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