Arago: American Wildlife Issue

American Wildlife Issue

The American Wildlife booklet was placed on sale May 14, 1981, at Boise, Idaho. The booklet contains two panes of ten 18-cent stamps. The ten animals featured are the bighorn, puma, harbor seal, American buffalo, brown bear, polar bear, elk, moose, white-tailed deer, and pronghorn. The stamp was designed by Jim Brandenberg and engraved through the intaglio process.


Postal Bulletin (March 26, 1981).

Additional Records
  • Overview
  • 18c American Buffalo single
  • 18c Bighorn single
  • 18c Puma single
  • 18c Harbor Seal single
  • 18c Brown Bear single
  • 18c Polar Bear single
  • 18c Elk single
  • 18c Moose single
  • 18c White-tailed Deer single
  • 18c Pronghorn single
  • 20c Mountain Goat single

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