Arago: 7.1-cent Tractor

7.1-cent Tractor

The 7.1-cent Tractor depicts a John Deere tractor of the 1920s. It was intended to pay the nonprofit five digit presort rate. The stamp was issued on February 6, 1987, during the SARAPEX stamp show in Sarasota, Florida, where 167,555 first day covers were cancelled, including both the untagged service-inscribed and the tagged non-service-inscribed varieties.

The untagged service-inscribed version was printed in two colors on the B press. Both the red vignette and the black service inscriptions were printed at the same time from a single intaglio printing sleeve on their respective press runs. It was issued in coils of five hundred and 3,000. The tagged collectors' version without service inscription was also printed on the B press and issued in coils of five hundred. Plate numbers appear at intervals of fifty-two stamps. All stamps were printed from plate 1.

Two years later, the Zip +4 version was issued on May 26, 1989, at the COMPEX stamp show in Rosemont, Illinois, where 202,804 were cancelled. The stamp was intended to pay the new non-profit rate for mail presorted to nine digits rather than just five. The new stamp was also printed on the B press and issued in coils of five hundred and 3,000, again using plate number 1.

The 7.1-cent Tractor was designed by Ken Dallison of Indian River, Ontario. The vignette was engraved by Gary M. Chaconas, and the lettering was engraved by Robert G. Culin, Sr. Both engravers worked for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

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