Arago: 10-cent CZ Seal & Jet

10-cent CZ Seal & Jet

The 10-cent Canal Zone Seal and Jet airmail (Scott C48) was released on March 15, 1968, to meet the new airmail rate to the United States. It replaced the 8-cent stamp of the same series. Twenty-stamp booklet panes consisting of four stamps assembled in five individual panes were issued February 8, 1970, in response to customer demand.

All of the 10,055,000 examples of this stamp had been sold prior to the close of the Canal Zone Postal Service on September 30, 1979. Of the 1,020,000 booklet panes shipped to the Canal Zone, some 306,000 were destroyed when new postal rates rendered them of little use in 1972.

Covers bearing the 10-cent Canal Zone Seal and Jet airmail are common. First day covers numbering over 7,700 are also commonly seen, but the number of cachet artists involved in them is relatively low as Elmer Smith (the former chief producer of first day covers on the Isthmus) had died.

On the same day this stamp was issued, authorities also released a 25-cent airmail and a 6-cent regular issue to meet the postal rate increase. Quite a few first day covers are known with examples of all three stamps. In the realm of postal history, individual usages on letters to the United States are very common, but collectors seek covers with this stamp in multiples or in combination with other stamps.

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