Arago: 6-cent Golden Anniversary

6-cent Golden Anniversary

The 6-cent Golden Anniversary stamp (Scott C36) was issued as one of a series of six stamps on August 15, 1964, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. The stamp features a bird's eye view of the Atlantic side twin port cities of Cristobal, Canal Zone, and Colon, Panama, in the foreground the military bases at Fort Randolph, Coco Solo, and France Field in the background. It was to be used on airmail postcards to the United States.

Some 480,000 copies were received by the Canal Zone Postal Service, but only about 256,000 were sold, leaving the rest to be withdrawn from sale on January 31, 1966, and burned in April of that year.

Many of these are known on first day covers, almost always either singly on a postcard or with the other stamps of the Golden Anniversary series or together with the other stamps of the series. Only a few cachet makers were involved with them, local artist/producer Elmer Smith being the most prolific. The 6-cent stamp is usually found on a picture postcard mailed at one of the port cities to a United States address. However, it is also occasionally seen as a 'make-up' rate in combination with other stamps in a wide variety of uses. While the postcard usages are relatively common, any other use is not so.

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