Arago: 10-cent Globe & Wing

10-cent Globe & Wing

The 10-cent Globe and Wing airmail (Scott C22) was issued on July 16, 1951, as one of a six-stamp series that replaced the old Gaillard Cut permanent series. The new series offered a more modern depiction of a winged airmail allegory. The image was superimposed on a global depiction of the Americas centered on the Isthmus of Panama. At the time it paid the half-ounce airmail rate to Latin America and the Caribbean, a rate instituted on October 1, 1946.

There was an initial printing of 500,000, and 1,049,000 were eventually printed in both the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ methods. There were still some on sale at close of business January 31, 1966, when they were withdrawn. These remainders were burned on April 22, 1966. The stamp in this illustration is a ‘dry’ printing with typical clear colors and smooth gum.

Airmail letters franked with the 10-cent Globe and Wing airmail are frequently seen addressed to its intended destination. It is less frequently seen in combination with other stamps in a ‘make-up’ rate situation. Collectors and postal historians enjoy these. Combination first day covers with the other stamps of this series are not uncommon. These were frequently created by Jack Reinig of Pedro Miguel, with a few by Elmer Smith. Since this stamp was on sale at all Canal Zone post offices on July 16th, collectors try, usually unsuccessfully, to acquire examples from all of them.

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