Arago: 5-cent Globe & Wing

5-cent Globe & Wing

The 5-cent Globe and Wing airmail stamp (Scott C27) was issued on August 16, 1958, as part of a five-stamp series reflecting the new postage rates initiated on August 1 of that year. Its purpose was to pay the five-cent rate on an airmail postcard to the United States. As a major tourist attraction, the Panama Canal has long been the inspiration for countless such postcards, and this stamp is normally found in such a usage.

First day covers, usually in combination with the other stamps in this new series, are common, and almost all of them were prepared by the local cachet artist/producer Elmer Smith. However, there are numerous first day examples of this stamp used singly on a picture postcard or on a cacheted card designed by producers in the United States. Non-philatelic usages of this stamp in combination with others are not frequently seen.

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