Arago: 200th Anniversary White House Issue

200th Anniversary White House Issue

The Postal Service issued a 33-cent The White House commemorative stamp in Washington, DC, on October 18, 2000. The stamp, designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, went on sale nationwide October 19, 2000.

John Adams, second president of the United States, moved into the unfinished "President's House" in November 1800, eight years after the first stone was laid. With the issuance of this stamp, the US Postal Service joined the White House in commemorating the 200th anniversary of the first residency of the White House, an enduring symbol of the American presidency.

The pristine blanket of snow in Patricia Fisher's serene photograph of the north fa├žade belies the executive mansion's multiple functions: bustling office, site of official state ceremonies, and home to the nation's chief executive and the "first family."

Ashton-Potter (USA), Ltd., printed 125 million stamps on the offset press with microprinting "2000."


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