Arago: Deep Sea Creatures Issue

Deep Sea Creatures Issue

The Postal Service issued five 33-cent Deep Sea Creatures commemorative stamps in Monterey, California, on October 2, 2000. Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland, designed the stamps based on photographs by Bruce H. Robison and Laurence P. Madin.

The deep sea is the most expansive animal habitat on earth, and the dominant physical factors are darkness, cold, and high pressure. In response to these conditions, the creatures there possess significant modifications that differ greatly from creatures that inhabit regions that are more benign. These adaptations include bizarre body forms and unusual lifestyles. The five life-forms represented on these stamps — fanfin anglerfish, sea cucumber, fangtooth, amphipod, and medusa — provide a glimpse into a vast and alien world seen by few people.

Sennett Security Products produced 85 million stamps in the gravure process.


Postal Bulletin (August 24, 2000).

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