Arago: Youth Team Sports Issue

Youth Team Sports Issue

The Postal Service issued four 33-cent Youth Team Sports commemorative stamps in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, at Disney World Sports Complex, on May 27, 2000. The stamps, designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, and based on photographs described below, went on sale nationwide May 28, 2000.

The photographs used in each stamp design were chosen to convey the action and excitement of team play: William Sallaz's photograph depicts the athleticism of basketball; Mike Powell's image portrays a football player running with the ball; Zoran Milich's photograph features two soccer players competing for possession of the ball; and Bob Wickley's image captures a baseball pitch in mid flight. These sports are popular with American children and were selected because they encourage a healthy lifestyle, promote socialization, and provide opportunities to learn cooperation and teamwork.

Sterling Sommer printed 88 million stamps in the offset process.


Postal Bulletin (April 20, 2000).

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