Arago: Special Occasions Issue

Special Occasions Issue

The Postal Service issued the new 3-dollar Special Occasions stamps booklet October 22, 1988, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The dedication ceremony was held at the Valley Forge Convention and Exhibit Center, site of the SEPAD '88 Stamp Show.

Like its predecessor, introduced in 1987, the booklet carries personal greetings from senders. The 1988 booklet focused on the four most requested messages: Happy Birthday, Best Wishes, Thinking of You, and Love You.

It is designed like a miniature book, allowing mailers to pick the appropriate message and easily remove any stamp without disconnecting others. The heavy stock cover features a side-fold. Inside the two panes of six commemorative-size stamps, each folded through a center gutter of selvage to create four subject "pages" of three stamps each. "Thinking of You" and "Love You" make up one pane, "Happy Birthday" and "Best Wishes" the other.

Plate numbers appear in the center gutter selvage in both panes. They are spot-glued in three places to allow collectors to peel them away for mounting. The stamp was printed by the American Bank Note Company in the gravure process. The stamp design was by Harry Zelenko of New York, New York.


Postal Bulletin (October 20, 1988).

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